2022 Annual Conference


Friday, October 21, 2002
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Sword and Shield Room
Bob Martinez Athletic Center
University of Tampa

This interactive all day training event will give participants the opportunity to become familiar with the steps used in the FOCUS-PDSA methodology and learn how this quality improvement methodology and its associated tools can be used to effect change in an organization.

Morning/afternoon breaks and lunch will be provided on site.

Outline for the Day

  • Introduction & Overview of FOCUS-PDSA
  • Find an Opportunity
    • Write an Opportunity Statement
    • Identify the indicator or primary metric
  • Organize to Improve
    • Assign roles & responsibilities
    • Agree on a name for your project
    • List ground rules to be used during team meetings
  • Clarify the Current State Process
    • Map out the process (think it through)
    • Are there any problems that can be solved immediately?
    • Who are the customers? What are the customer’s expectations?
  • Understand Variation
    • Use a Control Chart to identify variation in the process
      • Common cause variation
      • Special cause variation
    • Write a Problem Statement
      • Make it measurable
      • Make it specific
  • Select Improvements
    • Identify root causes
      • Ask “Why?”
      • Avoid “Band-Aid” solutions
      • Focus on causes your team can control
      • Find data that supports your I.D. of the root cause
      • Talk to the customer
    • Quantify the improvement goal
      • Express your goal as a number
      • Set “stretch” goals
      • Reward & Recognize team members for helping achieve the goal
    • Find potential solutions
      • Using control charts, find solutions that:
        • Get the process under control
        • Reduce variation, thus creating a more stable process
      • Consider all possible solutions
        • Try to find a solution that addresses the root cause of the problem
        • Focus on the process, not the people involved in the process
  • PDSA – Implement Improvement Strategy
    • Plan – Develop an Action Plan
    • Do – Do/Implement the Plan
    • Study – Study the Results
    • Act – Act on the Findings

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