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FAHQ Leadership Team 2021 – 2022

FAHQ’s volunteer Leadership Team consists of the Board of Directors and the Team Leaders. Together, they are responsible for strategic planning and daily operations of FAHQ.

The Board consists of four elected Directors (two year terms), four appointed Directors (one year term), and the elected offices of President, President Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer, joined by the Immediate Past President who is an ex officio member of the Board.

Team Leaders are appointed by the President and serve one year terms. FAHQ’s teams are an integral part of the effective functioning of the association. While board members may serve as team leaders or members, the goal is to use the teams to allow as many members as possible to serve in progressive leadership roles with the association. All teams have a Board member assigned as liaison to provide a strong link with the Board and other teams in accomplishing the work of the association.

Board of Directors

President: Nancy Cann
President-Elect: Susan Hendrickson
Past President: Jessica Ferraro
Secretary: Michelle Pastrana
Treasurer: Kim Corley
Director: Donna Moran
Director: Tonna Dexter
Director: Mark Milner
Director: Julie Cooke
Director: Vivia Subaran
Appointed Director: (2020) Joan Hutton
Appointed Director: (2020) Rebecca Olsen
Appointed Director: (2020) TBA

If you have a question for the Board, email us at leadership@fahq.org

Team Leaders

The FAHQ Teams Leaders.  Volunteer for a FAHQ Team at teams@fahq.org

Bylaws Michelle Pastrana
Communications Tonna Dexter
Conference Planning Jessica Ferraro
Executive Nancy Cann
Finance Kimberly Corley
Newsletter Editor TBA
Nominations Jessica Ferraro
Professional Development Kathy Clinefelter
Membership Development Joan Hutton

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