About Us


FAHQ Profile

  • 1980 – Founded as Florida Association for Quality Assurance Professionals (FAQAP)
  • 1991 – Name changed to Florida Association for Healthcare Quality (FAHQ)
  • 10 designated local areas

FAHQ Structure

Board of Directors

  • President
  • Past President
  • President Elect (elected 3 year commitment)
  • Secretary (elected 2 year term)
  • Treasurers (elected for 2 year term)
  • 4 Directors (2-year term, 2 elected each year)
  • 4 Directors (1 year term, appointed by President)

Quality Professionals Organizations

“The National Association for Healthcare Quality is a membership organization whose mission is to advance the Healthcare Quality Profession leading to positive health outcomes, visit www.nahq.org to learn more.”

“The Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) certification is the only accredited certification in the profession of healthcare quality, to learn more visit www.cphq.org

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