About Us

Mission, Vision & Values

Quality Professionals in healthcare organizations carry the mantle of change in the challenge to provide quality healthcare for all by putting laws, regulations, rules and best practices into functional and meaningful practices, then assessing the outcomes to ensure change has been made for the better. Healthcare Quality Professionals lead improvement changes not only through content expertise but through role modeling, educating, coaching and empowering others, and the ability to inspire and recruit active support and participation among their organization’s Governing Board, Executive Team, middle managers and staff.

The FAHQ exists to support Florida’s Quality Healthcare Professionals in their efforts through educational, networking and development opportunities, providing information on best practices, evidence based medicine, and quality methodologies, creating opportunities to hear from professional, legislative and regulatory leaders, and recognizing and sharing the success stories and achievements of our own members. In this way, we help to improve healthcare quality for all Floridians by providing the leaders of change the knowledge, skills and professional support they need to excel in their incredible efforts.


“The Florida Association for Healthcare Quality is committed to developing, supporting and promoting professional expertise in healthcare quality.”


“Advancing the quality of Florida’s healthcare.”

Values of Membership


As an association, we depend on exceptional people to assure that we are able to provide the best services to our members. We set high professional standards and we support each other as we strive to achieve them. We invest in each other and we value the individual and cultural differences that make us strong.


We are honest, ethical and responsible with our customers and members.


We embrace change, creativity, continuous learning and personal growth. We improve the services we provide. We anticipate future trends and we create a strategic direction to insure future growth and continued vitality.


We build enduring internal and external relationships, joining with colleagues across organizational boundaries to improve the services we provide. We encourage and reward both individual and team achievements. We put the common good ahead of narrow interests.


We are resourceful, adaptable, and resilient and service oriented. We have a “can do” attitude that gets the job done. We are fiscally responsible and efficient with our time.

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