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Volunteer for a FAHQ Team

FAHQ is a volunteer professional association. Participation on FAHQ teams not only allows the association to effectively deliver benefits to members, but also provides volunteers with an opportunity to develop their own professional skills and visibility within the healthcare quality field in Florida.

FAHQ’s mission is developing, supporting, and promoting professional expertise in healthcare quality.   FAHQ continues to reorganize teams and functions to better support the primary strategic goals of the association.  FAHQ leadership welcomes interested member volunteers to participate in delivering our members’ benefits and shaping the future of the association.

Except for the Executive Team, all teams have one or more members from the FAHQ membership at large.  All FAHQ membership categories may serve as team members. Student and Organization Members may not serve as team leaders, but all other members can serve as team leaders unless the position is designated to a member of the FAHQ Board.

Review the current FAHQ team structure and brief descriptions below and contact teams@fahq.org for more information or to join a team.


  • Mission: Supporting Professional Expertise with strategies for member growth as quality leaders.
  • Team Functions and/or Products
    • Member recruitment and retention (join/renew processes; new member engagement)
    • Membership needs assessment (biennial and targeted assessment of member)
    • Recognition (recognize member contributions; financial support for member development)
    • Mentorship program (approaches to support students/new quality professionals and those developing leadership skills or preparing for certification)
    • Access FAHQ member database for reporting


  • Mission: Developing Professional Expertise through education for members and other quality professionals.
  • Team Functions and/or Products
    • CPHQ preparation courses (regional CPHQ review courses)
    • Webinars (live and recorded webinars providing CE)
    • Self-Study (development/management of educational approaches providing CE; allowing user to access and complete independently)
    • FAHQ “Road Show” (regional educational events outside of annual conference)
    • CE Approval (maintenance of FAHQ status as Florida Board of Nursing CE provider; approval of FAHQ state and local area programs for CE; manage FAHQ CE in CE Broker)


  • Mission: Promoting Professional Expertise by communicating and partnering with members, the quality field and the public.
  • Team Functions and/or Products
    • Newsletter (on line; quarterly)
    • FAHQ 411 (as-needed communication strategies using tools such as Constant Contact email)
    • FAHQ.org (FAHQ website)
    • Social Media presence (Linked-In)
    • Marketing plan (propose annual plan; implement as approved by Board)


  • Mission: Supporting the mission of FAHQ through operational oversight and leadership.
  • Team Functions and/or Products
    • Operational decisions between Board meetings
    • Bylaws review/first revision


  • Mission: Supporting the mission of FAHQ through financial oversight.
  • Team Functions and/or Products
    • Financial information/structure to ensure Board able to fulfill fiduciary responsibilities
    • Annual budget for Board approval
    • Budget monitoring and correction
    • Annual financial audit


  • Mission: Supporting the mission of FAHQ through providing governance structure.
  • Team Functions and/or Products
    • Annual review/revision of FAHQ bylaws
    • Oversight of creation/review of FAHQ policies and procedures.


  • Mission: Supporting the mission of FAHQ through planning and process for leadership continuity.
  • Team Functions and/or Products
    • Identify nominees for Board positions through annual call for nominations and communication with Board/team leaders.
    • Develop of annual ballot for Board election
    • Conduct Annual Board election
    • Report annual ballot to Board and election results to Board/membership

Contact teams@fahq.org for more information or to join a team.

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