CPHQ Review and Preparation

Review Courses

The National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) no longer licenses review course content to state quality associations, so FAHQ cannot directly offer a course to our membership.  However, NAHQ does have a wide variety of options for participating in one of their courses and access other NAHQ products to aid in your preparation.

To view the current online NAHQ resources for preparation, go to NAHQ CPHQ Preparation.

CPHQ Prep Mentoring (FAHQ Members Only)

FAHQ offers mentoring by a currently certified CPHQ to assist our members in their preparation for the examination.  The mentor/mentee relationship is established after an initial assessment of the FAHQ member’s study needs.  If you are already in a study group at your workplace or virtually, FAHQ will consider assigning a mentor to the group.

Please review the Mentorship Guidelines and Mentoring Agreement and  for a better understanding of requirements.  Then contact the FAHQ Professional Development Team to request a mentor for CPHQ Prep.

Contact FAHQ CPHQ Team for questions, additional information, or to suggest other ways your association can help with our members CPHQ Prep.

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