CPHQ Preparation Information

History of CPHQ Designation

The Healthcare Quality Certification Board (HQCB), now the Healthcare Quality Certification Commission (HQCC), was formed in 1976 to advance the profession of healthcare quality management through the development of a certification program. They established the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) as a competency-based credential for the healthcare quality profession. The CPHQ program is fully accredited by the Commission for Certifying Agencies of the National Organization for Competency Assurance in Washington, D.C. It is the only international voluntary certification program in the field of healthcare quality management to achieve this distinction.

The granting of the CPHQ credential recognizes professional and academic achievement by individuals in the field of healthcare quality management at all employment levels and in all healthcare settings. The comprehensive body of knowledge includes (1) management and leadership, (2) information management, (3) performance, quality measurement and improvement and (4) patient safety. Since the first examination was administered by the HQCB in 1984, more than 16,000 professionals from a wide variety of educational and employment backgrounds have registered for the CPHQ examination, with more than 11,000 achieving certified status. There are currently over 7,400 active CPHQ’s worldwide.

The granting of CPHQ status by participating in this international voluntary certification program recognizes the person who achieves this as a world class healthcare quality professional. It is an achievement to be proud of and is truly the mark of distinction in healthcare quality.

Program Highlights

This course uses the 2013 revised content developed by the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) and addresses:

  • management and leadership
  • information management
  • performance, quality measurement and improvement
  • patient safety
  • Who Should Attend

This is a review session for healthcare quality professionals who

  • are preparing for the CPHQ exam
  • want to expand their existing quality management skills
  • need continuing education hours to renew their CPHQ certification
  • CPHQs may attend a review course and earn credit for re-certification once in every 2 year recertification cycle.

This course is designed as an adjunct to CPHQ exam preparation. Attendance provides no guarantee of successful completion of the CPHQ exam.

Course Text and Reference

Primary reference for the course is the NAHQ’s Q-Solutions: Essential Resources for the Healthcare Quality Professional (3rd ed.). It is not necessary to have this text with you during the course, but you may wish to purchase it to prepare for the exam. You may order from NAHQ at: 800-966-9392 or www.nahq.org

An additional recommended reference: Janet A. Brown’s Healthcare Quality Handbook: A Professional Resource and Study Guide, (27th edition). You may order this book by calling 626-797-3074 or josh@jbqs.com. Florida members are eligible for a $29 discount. Contact Kathy Clinefelter (ihqkbc@bellsouth.net) for the access code.

How to Register

See the Calendar of Upcoming Events for the next scheduled CPHQ review course and link to registration. Direct any questions to Kathy Clinefelter.

CPHQ Recognition Grants

FAHQ offers 2 CPHQ-related grants to FAHQ members: The “New CPHQ Grant” recognizes FAHQ members in good standing who have taken the FAHQ-sponsored CPHQ review course and pass the examination the first time they take it.

The second grant, CPHQ Recertification Grant, recognizes FAHQ member who are in good standing for the last 12 consecutive months; hold current CPHQ certification; are recertifying at the end of the current calendar year;  who have attested that they have completed a minimum of 30 Continuing Education hours that meet recertification requirements and that they are not receiving reimbursement or financial remuneration to recertify from any other source (e.g., employer; local FAHQ chapter, etc.).

Members are eligible for the recertification grant every recertification cycle; priority will be given to members who have not previously received the grant.

Winners of both grants will be chosen randomly from all eligible applicants.  Winners will be announced at the annual meeting during the annual conference. 

For more information about these grants, contact Kathy Clinefelter

docNew CPHQ Grant Application
docCPHQ Recertification Grant