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2018 President’s Message

Welcome to the new FAHQ website!

I would like to first congratulate and recognize the Conference Planning Team, with Jessica Ferraro as team leader, for putting together a great annual conference in May. As evidenced from the attendee’s session surveys, there many excellent educational sessions with “to dos” and “take homes” for all! The location, the sponsors, coordination of events and speakers all received great marks! Send your favorite moments and pictures to Jessica.Ferraro@va.gov for website posting.  At this time, the Team is putting together next year’s program with dates to be announced through our website.

Another team has been hard at work; it is the Communications Team with Monica Harris as Team Leader. The other members include Jeremy Sutherland, Kathy Clinefelter and Charles Swain from CSE web design and they are responsible for our new look and content. They are looking to you for content additions through your suggestions whether that be blogging, webinars, networking and growth opportunities such as chat rooms or list serves.  Any suggestions or recommendations or blogs please send to mharrisram@aol.com for dissemination and review prior to posting.

The Member Development Team with team leader Joan Hutton has been tracking our membership and working on improving our member experience and value through the development of a new member survey. We want to know how FAHQ can serve you better and promote Quality to all. How can we increase our membership so others can take advantage of our programs? Look for the survey and please complete it because you as professionals know the value of member feedback. Your thoughts?

Lastly, the Professional Development Team is a team in need of volunteers. Education is a major benefit which we offer our members and although we have an excellent annual conference and CPHQ review course, we can do more, and this is the team which has a solid track record in this area. Want to help? Send me an email at bcoll12345@earthlink.net

One other area of recognition is our Past Presidents. It is through them that our longevity and history of success as an association we can be thankful. Over the years they have contributed to our success by giving their time and effort to make us who we are.

Thank you all,

Brian Collins

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