Advertising Rates

FAHQ is excited to announce some major changes to our job posting service. To bring you more value and help you attract qualified applicants, we designed a new process which includes a new look, user friendly functionality to post and pay for ads, and weekly emails to notify FAHQ subscribers about your job openings, bringing them back to your full website posting. Our FAHQ subscriber listing provides the most comprehensive and segmented list of healthcare quality professionals within the State of Florida.

The Career Corner section of the FAHQ web site allows you to place job postings that reach members and nonmembers who are professionals in the healthcare quality field. Advertising your positions here will give you exposure to professionals practicing or consulting in acute, managed care, long-term care, home care, rehabilitation, mental health, hospice, academic and ambulatory care settings.

For more information contact the FAHQ Website Team Leader.

Information for Advertisers

The cost of a 30 day is $300 for non members and $150 for members. This includes four weekly emails to FAHQ subscribers notifying them about your positions during the 30 day period. Our user friendly functionality allows you to enter your ad directly into our system. Payment is conveniently made through Pay Pal.

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