As Quality Professionals, we know the importance of recognizing work well done. As an organization, we are also committed to recognizing exceptional achievements by people in our field. To this end, we have created this page of our website devoted to our members who are making exceptional contributions to our field.



Congratulations to the quality professionals in Florida who achieved the status of Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality.

2016 CPHQ Certificants in Florida
through 12/31/2016

Lucy Adlao
Latoya Alexander
Kirsten Bentz
Cristina Margarita Bravo
Kathleen Crawford
Jacob Creel
Stephen Davis
Marsha Donaldson
Deatria Donoho
Brandy Dowdy
Annette Fernandez
Denise Gaffney
Jennifer Goldsack
Nicole Gravely
Melissa Hopkins
Deborah Issacs
Mary Jones
Cynthia Knight
Ana Lasso
Adeley Laurenti
Elisabeth Leonard
Kiala Lindsey

Kathleen McKim
Janelle Mentzel
Tri Nguyen
Rebecca Olsen
Emily Oster
Megha Nick Patel
Mercedes Perez De Salazar
Oliver Pikcilingis
Redelia Raboca
Suzanne Rice
Elizabeth Rigney
Maria Rodney
Christina Maria Rodriguez
German Rueda
Janet Sanguily-Gonzalez
Angela Searls
Elizabeth Serrao
Patricia Shepherd
Andrea Steele Julie Teigen
Ingrid Vasiliu Feltes
Patricia Woods
Patricia Yulkowski
Bold= FAHQ Member; Italics= attended FAHQ CPHQ Course